Fixed Income

What is Fixed Income?

We offer a range of Debt instruments backed by research, views and product knowledge to meet our clients’ (Institutions – Financial Institute, Banks, corporate and Trust; Individuals – HNI, NRI and Retails) investment objectives.

Typically, debt instruments are suited for individuals seeking low risk and a regular cash flow with investments. Debt instruments also protect against volatility of the portfolio.

GEPL deals in Government bonds, corporate bonds and debentures (NCDs), Bonds (Tax free and taxable), Interest Rate Futures and Corporate Fixed Deposits. Investors’ can purchase/ sell these through primary as well as secondary market.

Why Fixed Income?

  • Diversify portfolio risk by investing in debt instruments that protect the capital and offer you a steady rate of return.
  • Generate a steady income for the time period of the investment which can be from 6 months up to 10 years.
  • Reduce your tax expense by investing in tax free bonds.
  • Invest securely and keep your capital safe with fixed income instruments that are rated as per their safety level.
  • Save your earnings for a future goal while also having them liquid and accessible in case of an emergency.

New to GEPL

Our step by step guide will help you through understanding the basics

Before you invest for the first time it is important to understand the basics. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to investments that we hope will clarify some of the broader benefits and risks.

In case of allotment
The interest on application money is the respective coupon rate (subject to deduction of tax at source, as applicable), will be paid to the eligible investors from the date of realisation of subscription or 3 days from the date of banking
application money (duly acknowledge by the banker to the issue) whichever is later, money up to one date prior to the Deemed Date of Allotment.

In the case of refund of application Money.
Interest on refund amount on application money will be 4% p.a. date of realisation of subscription money up to one date prior to the rejection.

No. Neither "Put Option" shall be available to the Bondholder(s), nor would "Call Option" be available to the Company to redeem the Bonds prior to maturity

NO, Scanned copy of the form will not be acceptable.

These bonds are listed on the F Group and Capital Market Segment at BSE Limited (BSE) and National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) respectively.BSE shall be the designated Stock Exchange.

There will be no deduction of tax at source from the interest on allotment of bonds.

In the case of joint application, interest will be accounted to the first holder only, and will be credited to the bank account which is linked to the demat account.

Notarized copy of POA must be attached with the original application and cheque.

Cheque may be signed by the POA holder as long as the applicant`s bank clears the Cheque.

No, not allowed

  • NOTE: Only cheque from respective NRE/NRO account maintained with a RBI authorised dealer or a RBI authorised bank in India will be acceptable.


  • Applications may be made in single or joint names (not exceeding three). In the
    case of joint Applications, all refunds/ interests/ redemption amounts will be made
    out in favour of the first Applicant. All communications will be addressed to the first
    named Applicant whose name appears in the Application Form at the address
    mentioned therein.
  • Names in the Application Form should be identical to those appearing in the
    account details in the Depositories. In case of joint holders, the names should
    necessarily be in the same sequence as they appear in the account details in the
  • Application form in original
  • cheque from respective bank account-NRE/NRO
  • Notarized copy of POA if Application under POA.

There is no separate form for NRIs, the form for residents and NRIs are same.

NRI can not apply for physical mode.

NRI’s can invest in bonds through- Repatriable as well as Non-Repatriable

  1. Rs. 1,000/- per Bond.
  2. Minimum 50 Bonds,
  3. Minimum Investment Size-Rs. 50000 (in multiples of 1 bond)


Investment in Fixed income products like Corporate Deposits/Bonds, Government Bonds, Non convertible Debentures, Tax Free Bonds, Public Provident Funds ensure a fixed return or income. A Fixed Income investment balances risk involvement and protects the capital to the extent invested in debt instruments.

Benefits of Fixed Income

  1. Ensure Regular ReturnAn investment in bonds; NCDs provide regular flow of income by the way of coupon which is being paid either monthly; quarterly; half yearly or annually as per the structure of the bond or NCDs. Also have a possibility of gaining Capital Gain if the interest rates falls as the bond prices are inversely related to the interest rates. If interest rate falls the price of the bonds move up and vice – versa.
  2. DiversificationA Fixed Income investment diversifies your portfolio thus lowering risk involved. It helps stabilize your total returns, protects your net worth, and creates a steady income stream for you.
  3. Tax BenefitLong term capital gains on debt has now increased to 3 years and this Some of the bonds involved are exempt from tax and is an effective way to save your taxes.
  4. Time periods Saving Instrumentfixed income instruments enable you to save for any future expense or goal that you have in mind at different time horizons as they have various matirutities.
  5. LiquidFixed Income is highly liquid and enables you to redeem in times of emergency.

Why invest with us?

GEPL offers a range of products from corporate fixed deposits, Bonds, NCD to tax saving bonds. Our intensive research capabilities and market reach promotes the latest and effective investment advice to you. Besides this, our Online tracking feature helps you view your investment in a single glance. At Institutional Desk, we are involved in interbank broking business, with a WDM and RDM membership of BSE and NSE.

Bond Quotes

Bond Nomenclature ISIN Number Coupon BUY SELL LTP Volume Category
7.69% HUDCO 2031 INE031A07AT4 7.69 1190.1 1195 1190.05 432 Tax-free Bond
8.2% NHAI 2022 INE906B07CA1 8.2 1184 1190 1185 1850 Tax-free Bond
8.3% NHAI 2027 INE906B07CB9 8.3 1240 1241 1240 1000 Tax-free Bond
9.1% DHFL 2019 INE202B07IK1 9.1 1094 1099.99 1096 396 TAXABLE BOND
9.3% DHFL 2026 INE202B07HV0 9.3 1032.2 1034.9 1032 1067 TAXABLE BOND

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