Why Insurance?

Life is filled with uncertainty which you have to be prepared for it at all times. An insurance acts as a safeguard against adverse situations in life and helps you protect your dreams. It guarantees you financial compensation for any losses occurring due to an untoward event. Possessing an insurance protects you and your loved ones from such financial threats in life or business. Our comprehensive range of insurances will keep you and your family safe from life’s setbacks.

Products Offered

What is Term Insurance

A term insurance is a life cover that provides beneficiaries an assured sum after the demise of the policyholder. It provides financial stability for family members in the unfortunate event of death of the policyholder.

How to select a Term Insurance

  1. Identify household and lifestyle expenses of your family
  2. Select a term insurance cover that matches the income required to sustain your family’s livelihood
  3. Ensure that the cover amount includes future financial requirements
  4. Check for additional covers and riders included in the term insurance plan

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Assures Financial Stability for your loved ones

Takes care of liabilities,EMIs, education costs, and future expenses

Covers several riders like death by accident, disability, and unemployment

What should be my policy sum assured?

The approx. value should be 15 to 20 times your annual income plus you need to add all liabilities like loans etc

Does the term plan cover all types of death?

Suicide is covered only after 365 days. All other types of death are covered

In case of my death how long will it take my family to get the money?

After submission of all claim documents normally the money is received in 10 to 15 days

Can I surrender my policy and what will I get back?

Yes. You can surrender the policy at any time. A term policy does not normally have any surrender value. Only death benefit is payable

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Protect your family due to Motor Accident

Cashless Claims Facility available.

Injury to Third Party covered.

What benefit do I get from this insurance?

This is a compulsory insurance. Every claim free year the insured gets a no claim bonus which is deducted from the premium calculation at the time of renewal of the policy.

What are the add on covers?

They are additional covers given by charging additional premium over and above the one charged and offered in the package policy. The popular ones are zero depreciation, engine protect, Key Replacement etc.

How many types of policies are there?

There are 2 types of policies. One is Third party / Liability only policy and the second is a package policy or comprehensive policy.

In case a tree or some object falls on my parked vehicle, will the same be payable?

Yes. It’s payable.

What do I need to do in case of an accident?

Intimate the claim to insurance co.

How is the premium of my motor calculated?

The premium is calculated on the type of policy selected, type of usage commercial or private, the IDV and the add on covers selected

What is Motor Insurance

Your Motor is your pride. You can rely on it to safely transport you to your destinations. You may be a safe driver, but your Motor needs to be safeguarded. A Motor insurance is an ideal way to secure your Motor for damages, or unfortunate events. Your Motor insurance protects you and your Motor from legal or financial issues that may arise in the future.

How to select a Motor Insurance

  1. Check the key features and coverage offered (Example: damage, accident, injury to third-party)
  2. Check for riders to gain additional benefit from the insurance
  3. A comprehensive Motor insurance policy offers effective cover against several unfavourable factors
  4. Opt for a personal accident cover for better protection in case of accidents

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Gives Financial Security to you & your family while travelling abroad.

Gives you money in case of loss of baggage.

Pays for your illness and accidents while travelling abroad.

What is not covered?

Any pre existing illness that you may be suffering from before your date of travel and any planned surgery or treatment.

Where do I need to contact incase of a claim abroad?

You need to call on toll free no’s which are mentioned on the policy.

In case I need to extend my stay abroad what needs to be done?

You need to send an email to insurance company requesting for an extension for the number of days required , a self declaration of good health and wiliness to pay the additional premium amount chargeable by email. On receiving the additional premium and underwriters approval your policy will get extended.

What is the amount of insurance I need for my travel policy?

The sum insured is dependent on the country and place of travel. Medical costs in Asia are cheaper than in Europe. Medical costs in USA are the most expensive so sum insured have to be selected as per the country of travel.

Travel Insurance is expensive?

No it is a cheap insurance based on the number of days of travel and the country of travel.

What is covered in Travel Insurance?

Any hospitalization due to sudden illness, accidents, personal liability whilst you are travelling abroad. It also covers loss of passport, flight cancellation and delay amongst other coverages.

Why do I need Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance secures you from unforeseen accidents whilst you are travelling abroad.

What is Travel Insurance

Enjoy your travel to the fullest with a travel insurance backing you. Travel is filled with ups and downs, and it is vital that the downs do not ruin your travel experience. A travel insurance is a saviour when it comes to missing baggage, lost passport, financial or medical issues while on the go.

How to select a Travel Insurance

  1. Check that your travel insurance covers illness, emergencies, accidents, loss of baggage, and loss of travel documents.
  2. Select an insurance cover that is adequate for the medical services in the destination you are travelling to
  3. Choose a travel insurance policy according to your travel plan, is it a one trip travel or multi-trip plan?
  4. Check for add-ons, for example and add-on that safeguards your home when you are away

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Protects your assets and possessions against financial loss

Safeguards your assets from fire, burglary, theft, and other risks

Secures your family from uncertainities

Do I need to inform the insurance company of any changes to my assets?

It is your responsibility to update the insurance company if there are any additions / changes to your insured assets.

How do I select the sum insured?

The sum insured is determined by the costs of your assets.

Why do I need to insure my assets?

By taking insurance for your property /assets you are protecting yourself from Financial risks should something happen to your assets.

What is General Insurance

Insuring assets and physical entities come under the ambit of General Insurance. Insuring property against theft, fire, personal insurance for health, accidents, and travel, marine insurance, and insurance for legal liabilities.

How to select a General Insurance

  1. Define what areas you want to insure - property, Assets
  2. Select a General Insurance plan that covers vital aspects of your assets to be insured
  3. Raise you deductibles to reduce the premium on your insurance
  4. Ensure the sum assured covers the value of the asset

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Ensures your loved ones are covered too

Eases your hospitalization burdens for your family.

Secures your finance for health related issues

What is the maximum number of claims allowed over a year?

Any number of claims upto the sum insured in the policy is allowed during the policy period .

Can I transfer my policy from one insurance company to another without losing the renewal benefits?

Yes. You can port your policy from one insurance co. to another co. without losing the renewal benefits.

Is there any Waiting Period for claims under a policy?

Yes. When you get a new policy, generally, there will be a 30 days waiting period starting from the policy for normal disease and 4 years waiting period for Pre-existing diseases.

What is cashless facility?

Insurance companies have tie-up arrangements with several hospitals all over the country as part of their network. A policyholder can take treatment in any of the network hospitals without having to pay the hospital bills as the payment is made to the hospital directly by the Third Party Administrator, on behalf of the insurance company.

What kinds of Health Insurance plans are available?

Individual Health insurance, Family Floater, Top-up Mediclaim, Crtitical Illness, Senior Citizens, Etc.

Why is Health Insurance important?

All of us should buy health insurance and for all members of our family. Health insurance protects us from the sudden, unexpected costs of hospitalization.

What is Health Insurance?

In today’s times, people experience various health problems that are at times life-threatening. Cancer, heart attacks, and strokes among other health issues are claiming both old and young people. Medical issues like these and other health emergencies come unannounced and cause mental, physical, emotional and financial stress for the patient as well as the family. You can ensure financial stability with a sound health insurance policy that prepares you and your family for such challenging times.

How to select a Health Insurance

  1. Check for a good hospital-network health insurance plan. The wider network of hospitals the better the policy.
  2. Purchase a health insurance at a younger age, or at the earliest to avail lower premiums
  3. Select an insurance policy with no sub-limits to avoid undue hassles during claim period.
  4. Consider your age, family member’s ages, health issues, and health costs to define the coverage you require
  5. Individual policies or family floater plan - each have their advantages. Make an informed decision on which plan would best suit you by reviewing the policies available
  6. Check the limits for treatments listed in your health insurance plan. Be aware of the caps for surgeries and treatments in the health insurance policy.
  7. Check for additional riders to cover other health related requirements.
  8. Always buy your policy from a reputed broker who can give you unbiased reviews about the products available in the market and can help you choose the best policy that suits your needs.

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