Loan against shares offered via GEPL finance (NBFC)

The most important thing about a loan is getting it when you need it the most. GEPL Finance Loan Against Securities delivers on that. What’s more you also have the option of paying interest only on the amount that you utilize.

  • No documentation opening charges in GEPL FINANCE till 31st October-17
  • Loan Against Securities in GEPL Finance ( No Bank POA is Required )

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Our step by step guide will help you through understanding the basics

Before you invest for the first time it is important to understand the basics. We’ve put together a step-by-step guide to investments that we hope will clarify some of the broader benefits and risks.

When you require instant liquidity for business or personal needs, a loan against shares is an apt option to opt for. A Loan against Shares assists you to borrow funds against your mutual funds, bonds, shares, and insurance to meet your financial requirements. This is an ideal way to settle your finances if you can repay it within a period of time.

Benefits of Loans Against Shares

1. Quick Process Time Processing a loan against your shares is quick and avoids excess process. A simple documentation is all that is involved in speedily processing your loan.

2. Instant Liquidity You can avail loan against your long-term existing investments without liquidating or selling them. It is a safe and quick solution that helps you for short-term financial needs while keeping your long-term portfolio intact.

3. Diversification A Loan against Shares adds diversification to your portfolio. This applies when you hold a concentrated stock status.

4. Enjoy Returns If you have any idle investments, a Loan against Shares enables you to benefit from dividends and bonuses. It helps you enjoy a better return on your investment capital.

5. Ease of Access and Repayment
A separate current account coupled with cheque book and internet banking provides you an easy access to managing your loan. You can also pay back the principal amount used, either in installments or as a lump sum, as per your convenience.

Why invest with us?

GEPL provides you easy and quick Loan against Shares facility. Our exclusive arrangement with leading banks speeds up the setting up of an overdraft account. This further helps to quicken your loan process.

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